Dos and Don’ts for Writing Your Zoology PhD Thesis

Most people are unsure of how to proceed when it comes time to plan and write their zoology dissertation, but it doesn't have to be intimidating. As long as you choose the right topic and have a solid methodology for your research, the rest is straightforward! You have two options for the actual writing portion of your presentation: use a zoology thesis help service, or write the paper yourself. If you're more interested in the scientific part of your presentation, you may want to consider the option to purchase zoology thesis online.

Finding Zoology Thesis Topics that Hold Your Interest

Having trouble finding a topic that's broad enough for extensive research that builds off current knowledge, but narrow enough to be all your own? Here are the dos and don'ts of finding the perfect topic for your experimentation.

  • DO: Consult your professors. They have seen many successful zoology dissertation topics during their tenure, and can help advise you on whether your ideas are the right fit. They won't be able to tell you if prospective topics have been done before (you'll have to do that research), but they can give you insights into the kinds of projects that spur meaningful research and are the right scope.
  • DON'T: Choose a topic just because it's impressive or extremely unique. While it's important to do original research, you're going to be working extensively on just one topic, so you should be sure to choose a subject that really enthralls you. Otherwise, you may find yourself producing low quality work or dreading your research. Your zoology thesis should be exciting for you, not something you're doing just to pass.

Planning & Preparation

Because your thesis will be such a long document, you will need to create an outline as the skeleton of your paper. Here are some tips for the planning stages.

  • DO: Create a long-term plan and detailed outline. When mapping out your zoology dissertation ideas, include your goals, methodology, primary sources, and expected outcomes of the project. Your outline will help shape both your research and your thesis in zoology.
  • DON'T: Put all your eggs in one basket. If something doesn't work out during your research, you should have a backup plan you can fall back on. It should be close to your original research so you don't have to start over. If you discover a dead end in your research, it can be a discouraging experience and make it harder to complete your project, which is why a contingency plan is so important.

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