The APA Dissertation Format

There are various standards when it comes to research papers and dissertation formatting. APA stands for the American Psychological Association, which has been one of the leading bodies of standard paper formatting for years. It’s unfortunate when a student’s work has points deducted for the simple mistake of erroneous formatting. These kinds of issues are easy to avoid if you know what to look for, and if you have the experience. We at provide APA Doctoral dissertation assistance so that it won’t happen to you. We’re a dissertation writing service, so you might be interested in taking advantage of our professional writers while you’re here.

The Dissertation Format For Citing Works

Of all the instances of errors, we have seen more student papers flop when it comes to in-text and bibliographic citations. What you need to understand is that your professor has memorized correct formatting by heart. He reads papers constantly, and has most likely published a few of his own. Dissertation formatting comes second nature to him—but it does for us as well. Even if you’ve already written your paper, it would behoove you to seek APA style dissertation editing help. Some things to keep in mind include:

  • Title page: Every dissertation needs a title page, which must be centered both vertically and along the horizontal axis. This is where you introduce your paper by title, author, date, and institution. Remember that all pages in an academic work must be numbered, but this page is not to be numbered.
  • Abstract: The abstract should include no more than 250 words. It is direly important for the reader. Many readers will scan the abstract and from there decide if it is relevant or not to their research. Thesis, research, and results must be presented here.
  • Tense: In an APA Doctoral dissertation or any APA paper at that, you must remember to stick to the same tense throughout the work unless referring to past or future research. It is generally recommendable to use present tense for the research description itself, but the past for discussing results.

How We Can Help

Our academic writing help can ensure that your paper remains within the confines of the APA dissertation format. We can also help you craft the dissertation entirely, from start to finish. If that intrigues you, know that you get to choose your own professional from among us. You also maintain contact with that person until the conclusion of the project. We offer several discounts for our totally original, plagiarism-free papers. Check out some of the things past clients have said about us. Whether it’s a full report or just dissertation format help, is your best option.